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Alaska Fishing Guide

The always calm waters of Tenakee inlet provide excellent fishing for salmon, halibut and rock fish. Four of the five species of pacific salmon , king salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon and chum salmon are frequently caught.

All bait, fishing tackle and fish processing are included in our price. At the end of the day we prepare the freshest seafood for dinner.

Alaska Kayaking Trips

The serene beauty of the inlet, the quiet nature of the calm waters and the prolific wildlife make Tenakee Springs a kayakers paradise.

Paddle close to whales, bears, seals, and eagles. Listen to the whales on our hydrophones.

This is the best family experience you can imagine.

Alaska Whale Watching Tours

Tenakee inlet is a hidden gem in the whale watching world. Humpback whales frequently pass by the town and can be observed bubble feeding while eating dinner on our deck. We have several platforms to see the whales on the water.

Orcas are also frequently seen.

They travel in different size pods from groups of six to seventy five and will be in the inlet for several hours at a time.